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Supernatural Season 5 Episode 13 (The Song Remains The Same)

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Hello I mean you got god, angels, Lucifer, demons, hell, heaven what more could you ask for! Oh yeah right, the vampires and werewolves and Changalings, and well who could forget those hot amazing Winchester boys. I mean hello and umm like there angel friend, deans loverrr. Castiel, such a cute angel, and the demons and monsters are amazing, 15 years of this show and I started watching it back in 8th grade from season 1, I watched seasons 1-12, in a span of maybe 5-6 months it’s so amazing and then I got my friends hooked on it and now I’m watching the final season and I’m gonna ball my eyes out once it ends, but nothing ever really ends now does it, with it being in our heart it will live on, ha what am I saying it lives in your soul and then we’ll your soul well that’s in supernatural too.

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 13 Watch Online TV Series

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